Impacted Teeth

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What does “Embedded Tooth” mean?

Teeth that cannot take their place in the mouth for various reasons even though it is time to apply are called “embedded teeth”. The third molars (also known as wisdom teeth or wisdom teeth) are among the most common impacted teeth. If there is no room in the mouth for the third molars to erupt and if the person has not yet reached the age of 25, they are considered “buried”.

Sometimes these teeth partially erupt, but never reach their full height. If your third molars have not erupted yet, you can visit your dentist to get information about the situation and ensure that the active tooth is extracted before some problems such as pain, swelling, infection, caries and gum diseases occur due to the impacted teeth.

Why don’t third molars erupt properly?

Although the jaw bones are getting smaller and smaller in human beings, the decrease in the number of molars has not been fully realized. As a result, there is usually no space left for the last molars in the mouth in today’s people. As is known, third molars can last between the ages of 15 and 25 in general.