Jaw Surgery

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Jaw surgery is a branch of dentistry that performs surgical interventions related to the oral cavity, jaw bones, teeth and facial tissues.

Some of the main activities of maxillofacial surgery include implant surgery, embedded and complicated, tumor and cyst operations, tooth extractions, orthodontic and endodontic surgical procedures, treatment of jaw fractures, lower jaw diseases, soft-hard tissue grafts and surgery.

One of the most common situations among maxillofacial surgery is impacted 20-year-old dental operations.

20 Age Teeth

Large molars, also known as 20-year-old teeth, are the last teeth to form. It often occurs between the ages of 16-26.

If there is not enough space in the jaw, they cannot take its place in the mouth and remain as impacted teeth. Today, this impacted tooth is a situation that occurs frequently.