Dentures and Care

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Prostheses are all artificial materials prepared in order to regain the needs and aesthetic appearance of the teeth lost in the mouth due to various reasons such as chewing and speaking. In general, tooth and bone loss occurs as a result of not treating gum diseases.

Lost oral health is corrected in prosthesis. For this purpose, lost lips, cheek support, speech function, chewing function and aesthetic appearance are recovered. Individuals who have to live with missing or damaged teeth and who have forgotten to laugh are supported psychologically. It is aimed to increase the quality of life of people with prostheses.

Fixed Dentures

Adhesive prostheses such as crown-bridge that the patient does not remove himself.

Removable Dentures

They are prostheses that the patient can put on and remove at any time.

Total Prostheses

It is applied to the mouths where all teeth are missing.

Partial Dentures

Partially applied to toothless mouths. Retention is provided with nails and hooks on the teeth.

Precision Attachment Dentures

Partially applied to toothless mouths. They are aesthetic prostheses that do not have any visible apparatus like a hook.

Implant Prosthetics

They are bridges or crowns made with support from a fixed implant.

Moving Bone support is a total similar prosthesis made with support from implants preferred in mouths with insufficient support.


Daily cleaning and maintenance of your prosthesis is important to prevent plaque, food residue and tartar formation. Regular care is essential to maintain the health of the tissue under the prosthesis and to prevent infections.

Wash your prosthesis in water after meals to remove food residues.
You should brush your prosthesis using water, various toothpastes or prosthetic care products before going to bed. Since abrasive powders will damage the prosthesis surface in brushing process, abrasive powders should not be used. Special prosthetic brushes or normal toothbrushes can be used in the brushing process.
Chemical weekly prosthesis care should also be done using special effervescent prosthesis cleaning tablets along with daily brushing.
Despite all this care, stains and tartar that penetrate into the prosthesis over a long time can only be cleaned by your dentist with ultrasonic tools and the polish of your prosthesis is renewed.
Do not forget to visit your doctor regularly every six months so that you can use your prosthesis for a long time as it was on the first day.