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Periodontology is a branch of science that deals with the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the gums, gums and tissue surrounding the tooth. It is easy to diagnose these diseases in the early stages and gives a successful treatment result. Although gum disease is a disease that affects the majority of people; It is an insidious disease for which less information is known about its effect, consequences and treatment.

Prevention or treatment of gum disease; In addition to protecting the teeth naturally, they should be treated like not to chew more easily and to provide better digestion.

A healthy gum has a pink, slightly rough appearance like an orange peel. Healthy gums do not usually bleed while brushing or eating.

Gingivitis periodontal is the early period of this disease. The gums were bleeding, red and enlarged in volume during this period.

It may not bother much in the early period, but if it is not treated, this disease may progress to periodontitis and cause irreversible permanent damage to the gums and the bone supporting the teeth.